How Kids can do Social Justice – Part 1

When it comes to making a positive difference in the world, sometimes young people say ‘What can I do – I’m just a kid!’ The answer to that is LOTS! Kids from all around the world have made a difference to other people’s lives and continue to do so right now. So don’t think justContinue reading “How Kids can do Social Justice – Part 1”

The Kingdom of God on Earth

The Kingdom of God on Earth by Casey O’Brien Machado The beautiful thing about being an advocate for Social Justice is that while our focus is on this world, our hope is in another. The bringing about of Social Justice is “The Kingdom of God on earth”. When we pray the Lord’s prayer, we ask “ThyContinue reading “The Kingdom of God on Earth”

Social Justice – Not an optional extra

Social Justice: Not an optional extra by Casey O’Brien Machado Recently, at a multi-denominational meeting, I introduced myself to a fellow attendee. Upon explaining my role to him, he responded “Oh, you’re a Social Justice person. I suppose that’s a given – you do belong to The Salvation Army. I am more of a Bible-typeContinue reading “Social Justice – Not an optional extra”