The Salvation Army’s Response to the Federal Budget 2017-18

The Salvation Army’s response to the Federal Budget 2017-18: “The Salvation Army has concerns that for Australians already living on the margins this year’s federal budget will lead to greater hardship, despite positive new initiatives that will benefit some of the most disadvantaged people in the country.” Details can be found here

Voices for Justice 2016

Voices for Justice 2016 In mid-November, Social Justice Team members Rebecca Percival and Matt Cairns joined with 200 other Christians in Canberra to learn about advocating in the political sphere. Joining Bec and Matt were Emma, Damon, and Elise from Tuggeranong Corps, and Southern Territory Social Justice members Amanda and Simone. The three days, from November…

The Salvation Army’s Policy Statements 2016

The Salvation Army’s official Policy Statements for 2016-2017 can be found here. These are the statements which clearly set out the Army’s recommendations for government on various social issues.

How to contact your local MP

1. Find out who your local MP is: CLICK HERE to search for your local member’s contact details   Type in your postcode and click on search   Click on the name of your local member to find contact details   Contact details will be displayed 2. Choose a medium for contacting the MP Letter/Email…

The Salvation Army’s response to the Federal Budget 2016-17

The Salvation Army’s response to the Federal Budget 2016-17: “Whilst welcoming some of the major initiatives in this year’s Federal Budget, The Salvation Army says Australia’s most vulnerable remain inadequately supported” Details here.