United Kingdom

The impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on life across the UK has been immense. It has posed a series of challenges for individuals and families, as well as the public, private, faith and charitable sectors, which are likely to be among some of the most the significant we ever face.
Yet, despite the magnitude of these challenges, there are countless examples of people coming together to support those worst affected by the pandemic and to achieve real and meaningful change. This is especially true of our collective efforts to tackle rough sleeping in recent months.

The Salvation Army UK has conducted new research, Future-Proof the Roof to begin a convsersation about the need for a new long-term approach to investment in the homelessness and rough sleeping system.

You can find this report here:

Check out these other useful resources for information on:

  • Understanding Benefits and Mental Health: A national rethink on how government supports vulnerable people moving into Universal Credit
  • Care in Places: Inequalities in local authority adult social care spending power
  • Levelling up our communities: Proposals for a new social covenant

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