New Zealand

These are unusual times. New Zealand, like every nation has experienced National Lockdown and continues to address the global pandemic. The Government has responded swiftly and strongly with various economic packages, health advice and new measures and health-based restrictions that have created a new normal in Aotearoa. As we adjust to this new normal, The Salvation Army New Zealand, alongside other community groups and NGOs believe that it is vital to try and capture and quantify the social impacts of this pandemic and lockdown on the poorest and possibly most vulnerable New Zealanders. Fortnightly C19 Social Impact Dashboard’s have been created and are an offering from The Salvation Army to try and record the outcomes of the new social realities on our nation, but particularly for poorer, vulnerable Kiwi facing serious hardship in this new normal.

Download the 5 current reports and the 2020 State of Our Communities Report at:

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