‘Women of Justice’ Bible Study

This four-part bible study explores how we can work to see God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Produced for the Salvos Women Resource Manual 2019 (NSW/ACT Division), this study challenges us to look at our own lives and question how we can be more like Jesus.

Based upon the social justice principles  of ‘Including the Excluded’, ‘Challenging Harmful Cultural Practices’, ‘Confronting the Powerful’, and ‘Advocating for the Oppressed’, each study uses the example of a Salvationist woman and the contribution she has made to the work of The Salvation Army, and to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

We hope this study will foster meaningful discussion and inspire women to live, love, and fight to see our communities changed and God’s Kingdom come.


Download your copy here: Women of Justice

Note: For a lower quality (faster-downloading) version, click here: Women of Justice – Low Quality



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