Women in The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army has understood the value of women, and particularly the value of women and men working together, since its very beginnings. Right from the start, our Founders saw women as having equality within the leadership and ministry of the Church, which resulted in women being some of the most influential people of the early days of the Army.
    Catherine Booth, co-founder of The Salvation Army, was a strong advocate of equality between men and women. It was recently said that “Catherine Booth…opened the door into female ministry for… Salvationists of the coming generations. She gave them the right to preach, to break the Bread of Life to hungry souls, and to be servants of all for Christ’s sake” (Flora Larsson).
    The Salvation Army continues to recognize that women have a unique, important contribution to make to the Church and the world, yet like the rest of the world, we recognize that we can always do better.

It is always good for us to recognise the role that women play in the bringing of God’s Kingdom to earth. Check out the images below for information on some significant women in the life of The Salvation Army. These women (and many others!) have had an influence on The Salvation Army and its work in the world.


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