Prayers for Eradicating Poverty

Prayers for Eradicating Poverty

Creator God, Your image is alive in every human person
giving to each of us an inviolable dignity.
Create in us a desire to act in solidarity, the ability to work together,
and a willingness to share with others
our time, our energy, our skills and talents and our wealth.

As we share and enjoy the fruits of your creation,
restore in us your vision of a world made whole,
and inspire us to commit ourselves to the common good.

Gracious God, give us ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to love,
so that we reflect you in our way of life,
and in our choices, words and actions.

Jesus is the good news to the poor.
As his followers, may we recognise the call to be the same.


 – Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Author Unknown


Creator God,
You loved the world into life.
Forgive us when our dreams of the future
are shaped by anything other than glimpses of a kingdom
of justice, peace and an end to poverty.

Incarnate God,
you taught us to speak out for what is right.
Make us content with nothing less than a world
that is transformed into the shape of love,
where poverty shall be no more.

Breath of God,
let there be abundant life.
Inspire us with the vision of poverty over,
and give us the faith, courage and will to make it happen.


Christian Aid, Author Unknown


We dare to imagine a world where hunger has no chance to show its face.

We dare to dream of a world where war and terror are afraid to leave their mark.

We long to believe in a world of hope unchained and lives unfettered.

We dare to share in the creation of a world where your people break free.

Dare we open our minds to difference?

Dare we open our lives to change?

Your kingdom come, O God. Your will be done.


Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, U.K

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