Proposed changes to Migration Act

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that the government would be introducing amendments to the Migration Act 1958. These proposed amendments, if legislated, would have significant consequences for people seeking asylum and refuge who have arrived, or attempted to arrive in Australia by boat.

The Salvation Army is extremely concerned  that these amendments are exceptionally harsh and would cause further harm and distress to people seeking asylum and refuge.

The Salvation Army’s official statement on the proposed changes can be found here.

Across Australia, many of our Corps, social services and missional expressions interact with people seeking refuge and asylum on a daily basis. We believe that people seeking asylum and refuge are integral to our multicultural communities thriving. The Salvation Army is calling on the Government to reconsider legislating the proposed amendments to the Migration Act 1958.


How can Salvationists respond?

‘There is a common belief that The Salvation Army is non-political. This is incorrect. The Salvation Army is not party-political, but it is certainly political! It is necessary for The Salvation Army to engage with politics to ensure that it plays its part in bringing about the world it wants to see’. [Social Justice Department AUE]

We are encouraging Salvationists to respond by contacting their local Member for Parliament (MP). You can do this by either phoning or writing a letter. These are simple and effective ways to let your MP know how you feel about this proposed legislation.


  • Not sure who your local Member for Parliament (MP) is? Information on how to contact them is available here.


  • Not sure how to write a letter to your MP? We’ve provided a template and some recommendations! Download tips on how to write a letter to your MP here.


  • Still feeling unsure? We’ve provided some suggested text to include in a letter.
    However, we recommend you personalise the letter. Politicians want to hear what you think and will pay more attention to a personalised and individualised letter. Download the template here .

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