Social Justice Stream at EQUIP Camp

Last week, a ‘Social Justice’ stream was run at EQUIP NSW & ACT.

‘EQUIP’ is an annual week-long Camp, run by The Salvation Army, which aims to equip youth and young adults in their spiritual lives and in ministry. Campers are given the opportunity to develop themselves in two elective streams, make new friends and enjoy themselves through Recreation Nights, Worship Sessions and Workshops.

During the Social Justice stream, campers developed their skills by looking at the following topics:

  • What is Social Justice?
  • Shalom and the Kingdom of God on earth
  • The biblical imperative for Social Justice
  • Social Justice and holiness
  • ‘Think Global, Act Local’
  • Principles of Justice
    • Including the Excluded
    • Confronting the Powerful
    • Challenging Cultural Practices
    • Advocating for the Oppressed
  • The Salvation Army and Social Justice (both historical and current)
  • Campaigning and Advocacy Skills
    • What is advocacy?
    • Campaigning through conversation
    • ‘The Next Step’
    • Politics and Advocacy
    • ‘Campaigning Smart’
    • The Media and Advocacy

The week culminated at EQUIP Gala Day with the Campers holding a Fairtrade Fondue Stall, where they implemented their ‘Campaigning through Conversation’ skills. You can read more about the Stall here.

We had a great week with intelligent, aware and inquisitive Campers, who will now go back to their home communities and implement the skills they’ve learned.

If you missed out on the Social Justice Stream this year, get ready for EQUIP NSW/ACT 2017!


Learning about ‘including the excluded through a puzzle excercise – ‘Jesus of the Breadline’ by Eichenberg


‘Including the Excluded’ via pinata!


Learning to ‘Advocate for the Oppressed’ – using our power to improve the opportunities of others.

Trying out Just Salvos’ new ‘Just Chocolate’ game. Info here:


Fairtrade Fondue





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