What is the Moral and Social Issues Council?


The Australia Territory’s Moral and Social Issues Council (MASIC) helps The Salvation Army to think about significant moral, religious and social issues. It is comprised of Salvationists from a range of backgrounds from across Australia, and on behalf of The Salvation Army Australia Territory, MASIC grapples with complex issues facing both the Church and the world.

It works in collaboration with the International Moral and Social Issues Council (IMASIC)*.

The Australia Territory’s MASIC in 2018

Part of MASIC’s work is the development and production of Positional Statements, Guidelines for Salvationists, Discussion Papers and resources which help people to engage with the world around them.


A Positional Statement is an articulation, crafted with careful and prayerful thought, of the official viewpoint of The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has local and international Positional Statements that state the organisation’s view on some moral and social issues.

As well as stating the position, each document expresses the scriptural and theological grounds for the statement and the underlying principles. Statements must be approved by the General (the world leader of The Salvation Army) before publication.

As the official position of The Salvation Army, officers and others representing The Salvation Army must speak consistently with the position. It is understood, however, that individual Salvationists may hold different views on some subjects and acceptance of position is not essential to membership.

Our current International Positional Statements can be viewed here .

The Positional Statements are intended to provide information and guidance to members of The Salvation Army and are public documents available to anyone who is interested in the official view of The Salvation Army on a particular subject. The Salvation Army recognises that many people do not share the same perspective and does not discriminate against those who do not when providing care.


Guidelines for Salvationists compliment the Positional Statements and are useful in expanding the discussion around the specific moral or social issue. While following the information given in the Positional Statement, they provide more background and wider thinking on the issue hoping to further educate Salvationists on the topic.



Discussion Papers, sometimes labelled ‘Let’s talk about…’, are a further resource for those wishing to explore a moral and social issue in a wider context. These papers provide a range of positions and opinions, and explain in detail why The Salvation Army has settled on its particular position. A less formal style of paper, they often include case studies and personal perspectives to help broaden the discussion.


IMASIC in 2018

* The International Moral and Social Issues Council (IMASIC) is the body of The Salvation Army that advises the General and recommends statements of official position on contemporary moral and social issues. IMASIC is comprised of Salvation Army officers and soldiers from all over the world. It may also call upon expertise from outside The Salvation Army when necessary.



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