2016 Federal Election Issues – Introduction

A Federal Election has been called and will take place on 2nd July. Part of engaging with the world around us is engaging with what is going on in government. As followers of Christ who care about what He wants for this world, we must engage with decisions being made that affect the way we, and those around us, live.

There is a common belief that The Salvation Army is non-political. This is incorrect.
The Salvation Army is not party-political, but it is certainly political! It is necessary for The Salvation Army to engage with politics to ensure that it plays its part in bringing about the world it wants to see.

Similarly, it is necessary for those who are a part of The Salvation Army to play their part in bringing about the world they want to see. The Salvation Army is made up of hundreds of thousands of people across Australia. God gave each one of us minds with which to think and reason, and with such a large number of people, it is highly unlikely that we would all choose to vote the same way.

However, what is important is that we all vote in an informed, intentional way. The Social Justice Department’s ‘Election Issues’ resources will look at key issues arising during the lead up to the election, providing you with an introduction to the topic, Salvation Army Positional Statements pertaining to that issue, The Salvation Army’s Policy Statement (recommendation to Government) on the issue, and links to the three major parties’ policies on the issue.

We recognise that aside from the three major parties, there are many Independents and smaller parties, each with their own policies. We encourage you to use this resource as an introduction to examining the issues – check out the Independents and smaller parties that you hear about and see what they have to say.

By using these resources as an introduction, you’ll be able to think through how you can use your vote to advocate for the world you want to see. You’ll be able to make an informed and intentional decision for yourself about which policy works for you.

We urge you to prayerfully consider your important vote this election.

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