2016 Election Issue – Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Australians lose more money on gambling per person than any other nation in the world. In 2013 that amount was more than $18 billion dollars. We have seen that within the area of sports betting, the numbers of Australians betting on sport results has sky-rocketed. 1 in 7 Australians bet on sports related activity and with the advancement of the internet, half of all bets are now placed online. This is definitely a growth market, yet the potential negative outcomes associated with rising numbers of gamblers (such as financial problems, health problems like anxiety and depression, a heightened risk of addictions etc) must be considered.

The Salvation Army’s Positional Statement on Gambling can be found here.

Currently, only one party has a policy on addressing sports betting. We encourage you to raise this with your local MP, and ask them to consider the impact that this is having on society.

The Greens

 The Labor Party
(note: The Labor Party currently has no specific plan or policy announced)

The Liberal National Coalition
(note: The Liberal National Coalition currently has no specific plan announced)

For assistance on contacting your local MP to raise this important issue, see our guide on ‘How to contact your local MP‘.


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