2016 Election Issue – People Seeking Refuge & Asylum

People Seeking Refuge & Asylum

The Salvation Army’s 2016-2017 Policy Statement addresses the issue of people seeking refuge and asylum, stating that “The Salvation Army is concerned by the fact that individuals and particularly children seeking refuge and asylum in Australia are still held in detention, and calls on the Australian Government to respond to the crisis by discontinuing this practice and increasing its humanitarian intake of refugees.” (page 20).

The Salvation Army’s International Positional Statement on Refugees & Asylum Seekers can be found here.

We urge you to prayerfully consider your important vote this election. The Salvation Army’s Policy Statement on ‘People seeking refuge and asylum’ and the relevant policies of the main parties, listed in alphabetical order, can be found below for your consideration:

The Salvation Army Policy Statement
(esp. pages 20-21)

The Greens

The Labor Party

The Liberal National Coalition
(note: The Liberal National Coalition has no statement on Asylum Seekers other than in reference to Border Protection)


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