2016 Election Issue – Overseas Aid

Overseas Aid

Almost half of the world’s population survives on less than AUD$2 a day, and about 20% live on less than AUD$1 a day. Meanwhile, in Australia the average weekly earnings in November 2015 was $1,145.70 which equals just over $160 per day. As a wealthier nation, we are therefore in a position to be able to consider supporting those nations which experience high levels of poverty, and the provision of overseas aid allows Australia to help alleviate some of this poverty. In the past, aid contributions by Australia have contributed to disaster aid relief and responses to international emergencies. Much of this work is carried out by NGO’s which rely on government funding to achieve these humanitarian goals.

We urge you to prayerfully consider your important vote this election. The overseas aid policies of the main parties, listed in alphabetical order, can be found below for your consideration:

The Greens

The Labor Party (A secondary link is to Labor’s Aid Budget announcement is here)

The Liberal National Coalition
(note: The Liberal National Coalition currently has no specific plan however information on overseas aid can be found in their Federal Platform document – Page 15):



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