2016 Election Issue – Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol has always been a significant part of Australian culture, and the impact of this normalisation is a strong one.  “Around 5 million Australians said they experienced an alcohol related incident in 2013 (according to the 2013 National Household Drug Survey), and one in 12 people (8%) have experienced alcohol related physical violence[1]. Meanwhile, “while the overall trend of illicit drug use in Australia is is headed in slowly downward direction, the misuse of pharmaceuticals is on the rise”[2]..

Aside from the obvious detrimental impact on the individual, the societal consequences of drug and alcohol abuse are many and varied, and can include costs to society in financial terms (such as loss of productivity or healthcare costs), in relationship terms (with violence and family breakdown often being linked to drug and alcohol abuse), and in many other ways.

The Salvation Army is one of Australia’s largest providers of services in this area. The full list of its recommendations can be found in The Salvation Army’s Policy Statement.

The Salvation Army’s Positional Statement on Alcohol & Other Drugs can be found here.

Currently, only one party has a policy on addressing alcohol and other drugs. We encourage you to raise this with your local MP, and ask them to consider the impact that this is having on society.

We urge you to prayerfully consider your important vote this election. The Salvation Army’s Policy Statement on ‘Alcohol and Other Drugs’ and the relevant policies of the main parties, listed in alphabetical order, can be found below for your consideration:

The Salvation Army Policy Statement
(esp. pages 14-15):

The Greens

The Labor Party

The Liberal National Coalition
(note: The Liberal National Coalition currently has no specific plan announced however a specific plan to tackle the ICE issue was expressed prior to the election period.)

For assistance on contacting your local MP to raise this important issue, see our guide on ‘How to contact your local MP‘.

[1] [2]The Salvation Army’s 100 Days of Prayer – http://100days.australiaone.info/2016/06/02/day-2-the-australian-context

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